Finding the right office water cooler can feel like a chore. With so many options on the market, how can you possibly choose just one model? Thankfully, Pure Beverage Systems makes it easy for you to compare and contrast models and find the right hydration station for your office.

In this quick guide, we’ll be comparing our PB9 and PB-09 IC models. Both of these systems can provide your office with clean, great-tasting drinking water, yet only one of them could be right for you. Here is how they measure up.

Water Filtration

When it comes to selecting the right drinking water station for your office, water filtration should be top of your priority list. Both the PB9 and the PB-09 IC house state-of-the-art filtration systems that remove sediments, chemicals, and heavy metals from your drinking water. Both systems also include a reverse osmosis filter that cleans and sanitizes each molecule before it’s even dispensed in a glass.

Also included is a filter stage that balances the pH levels and provides essential minerals that everyone needs in their drinking water. This technology not only leaves you with pure hydration, but it also leaves your employees with water that tastes fantastic.

Water Options

While some employees enjoy cold, refreshing hydration throughout the days, others might prefer hot teas or coffees. Instead of forcing them to use a microwave, why not just provide fresh, clean hot drinking water in the same unit as your regular cold drinking water? With both of these units, you get just that. Hot water is dispensed at the optimal temperature to avoid scalding and burnt laps if spilled. Furthermore, the hot water in both office water coolers goes through the same filtration process as the cold water, so you never have to worry about the quality because of a temperature change.

Holding Tanks

While both the PB9 and the PB-09 IC bottleless water coolers are similar in many respects, the one noticeable difference between them is the holding tank. While the PB9 has a cold-water tank that can hold up to 1.2 gallons of water, the PB-09 IC unit does not have an internal cold-water tank. Instead, the water is filtered directly at the point of use. One benefit to this is that your business only uses the water necessary to fill each glass. You also never have to worry about internal leaks with either system (which is something Pure Beverage techs take care of for you anyway).

However, you don’t have to worry about running out of fresh drinking water with the PB-09 IC system. This hydration station can produce more than 10 gallons of pure, clean drinking water every hour. On the other hand, the PB9 system is just as capable of taking care of high-traffic offices and refills. Still, both systems come with an internal 1.3-gallon holding tank for hot water.


When it comes to your drinking water, sanitation matters. Sanitation also matters when it comes to the cleanliness of an office water cooler. Thankfully, both of these units have you covered. Not only are their surfaces coated in an anti-microbial material, but they are also well-equipped with hands-free operation. Here at Pure Beverage, we’re providing all of our water coolers with a stylish and easy-to-use foot pedal that makes it easy to be COVID-compliant in the office and stop the spread of germs at the water cooler. Your safety is our number one priority, and providing this additional feature proves that.

Try Either System for Free!

Access to fresh, clean drinking water at work is essential for employee health and vitality. When you can’t decide which bottleless water system to go with from Pure Beverage Systems, have no fear – we’ll let you try each water station free for the first seven days. We’ll also walk you through an initial consultation so we can recommend any of our other water and ice units, including countertop units and under-the-counter options. Contact us today to learn more.