When a hurricane hits, two of our most basic needs are challenged: food sources and drinking water. Not only do hurricanes cause tidal surges and ocean flooding, but they also carry massive amounts of rain that can lead to flash floods which can quickly contaminate water sources in both public places and private wells. In many cases, this contamination can lead to severe illness in residents who continue to use unsafe and unsanitary water.

Providing safe, clean drinking water is what we do here at Pure Beverage Systems. It’s our specialty and our passion to be able to share bottleless water coolers and filtration systems that sanitize your water. We recognize that hurricane season can make finding and consuming clean drinking water a challenge for those that rely on plain tap water, so here is what we want everyone to know about how you can stay healthy and safe during hurricane season.

The Dangers of Floodwaters

When the tide surges and coastal waterways flood because of a hurricane, dirty ocean and river water quickly fills up the municipal systems and seeps into private wells. These floodwaters tend to pick up anything and everything in their path, leading to further contamination. There is real concern for water contamination from sewage, chemicals, metal, and glass in areas hardest hit.

Furthermore, these same floodwaters then recede, taking all of these chemicals and toxins back into the bays, rivers, and oceans. Large quantities of these chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers can cause toxic algae blooms and kill fish. The algae blooms often spread into freshwater sources, causing significant backups and issues for treatment. Not only is treating algae and bacteria dangerous, but it’s also expensive.

Tips for Staying Safe

If a hurricane has hit your area, it’s important to remember that water treatment plants may not be operating. It’s also likely that storm damage and floodwaters tainted the water supply, leaving you without fresh, clean drinking water. When this happens, pay attention to your local authorities and announcements about the public water supply.

To stay healthy and avoid illness, follow these tips:

  • Don’t wash dishes, cook, brush your teeth, make ice, or drink contaminated water.
  • If you drink bottled water, know where it came from and how it got to you.
  • Boil any tap water you use for at least one minute to kill infections germs.
  • Treat your well or any other water sources with a mixture of chlorine bleach or iodine tablets.
  • Avoid using water that looks dirty or smells like sewage.
  • Turn off all the faucets and don’t run your water for at least eight hours after treating a private well.
  • Backwash water softeners, sand filters, and iron removal filters with chlorinated water.

Protect Your Drinking Water

One of the best ways to ensure that you and your family or office have freshwater, even after a hurricane, is to install a bottleless water cooler or water filtration system from Pure Beverage Systems. Our units filter out more than 99.9% of the harmful germs, chemicals, and sediments that plague public and private water sources after a storm as passed. To get your system installed today, call us at our Pompano Beach, FL, location at (954) 984-1900.